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Review, "The Red Queen"
Foreign languages - English
Written by María Rojas Sanjuán   
Monday, 06 April 2015 08:59
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"The Red Queen," is a debut novel by Victoria Aveyard. This story sets itself apart from other YA novels with its unique characters and plot twists. The main character, Mare Barrow, lives in a world divided. There are those with red blood, and those with silver.


Silvers are the elite of society. They are set apart not only because they have silver blood, but also because they have supernatural powers. The Reds on the other hand have no supernatural powers. Reds are destined to a life with only two choices: get an apprenticeship and work, or go to the frontline of an ongoing war with the Silvers.

Mare's family is just barely getting by. She has three brothers already in the army and a father who was injured in the war. Mare helps her family by stealing what she can, but the real star of her family is Mare's little sister, Gisa. She has an apprenticeship as a seamstress in Summerton, the royals' summer home.

Mare does not have an apprenticeship and is fully prepared to join the army after her next birthday. Her peace of mind rests in the fact that Gisa and her best friend, Kilorn, will not be headed to war. That peace is temporary, after a series of unfortunate events change Gisa and Kilorn's future.

Mare's fate changes when she gets a job at the palace. On her first evening of work, she discovers that she has powers of her own. A Red having supernatural powers is unheard of, and dangerous. The King must keep Mare hidden. In doing so, Mare must convince everyone that she is a Silver.

Amid the ongoing war, a growing resistance of Reds named the Scarlet Guard has been gaining power. When Mare becomes part of the elite she becomes perfectly placed for the Guard. She uses her new power and position to help set in motion the change that the Reds desperately want, and the Silvers desperately fear.

At first glance, this book is another dystopian fantasy novel. The use of supernatural powers, class comparisons, and genetic mutations sets the book apart. There are plenty of twists, some obvious and other unexpected to keep you wanting to know more. Mare also is tangled in a love triangle, and it plays out in the background.

This book is a great read with interesting characters and a great set-up for the next book in the series.


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